Used Instruments in New Bern, NC

Both novice and accomplished musicians can benefit from used instruments. At Town Pawn, we regularly receive gently used items that have years of life left in them. Instead of buying new, find an inexpensive piece at a pawn shop you can trust.

Why Buy Used

Used instruments are ideal to purchase for ease of buying, affordability, and sustainability. Many types of instruments—including percussion, string, brass, and woodwind—all come into our shop when people decide they no longer wish to play them. However, most of these items still have potential.

At Town Pawn, we can help examine instruments carefully to ensure that your purchase is in good condition. We also allow customers to try out any used instrument they wish to buy, from guitars to trumpets.

Instrument Accessories

We also sell instrument accessories such as amplifiers, speakers, road cases, power cables, and more. Our inventory changes regularly, and new pieces come in often. If you are looking for specific accessories, call or stop in to see what we have in stock.

Often, minor cosmetic issues such as scratches or scuffs are the only thing that sets used instruments apart from new ones. When you want to save money and keep well-functioning instruments in use, Town Pawn can help.