Used Tools in New Bern, NC

Filling out your toolbox enables you to perform work around the house more easily or to tackle new projects. Buying used tools is an excellent way to add high-quality pieces to your collection. Town Pawn has an extensive inventory of items, available when you need them.

Reasons to Buy Used Tools

Shopping at Town Pawn is simple and convenient, thanks to an easy-to-navigate store layout and helpful sales people. You can find the exact tool you need to complete quick home improvement projects.

How to Buy Used Tools

Before purchasing anything pre-owned, research various brands to learn about features and prices of new equipment. Some brands will hold their value longer; these items will have a higher price because they are of better quality, but can still be found discounted when pre-owned. Learning about brands ahead of time will help you know which model you want, as well as the typical price consumers pay for the item when buying new so you have something to compare used prices to.

View the item in-person to ensure that it's in good condition. Avoid items with excessive rust or corrosion on metal parts. Test the tool so you know all features work correctly. For electrical devices, plug them in and turn them on. Check the switch, cord, and plug for signs of excessive wear or damage. Check the motor vent area to ensure it's clean and free of blockages. Never buy a tool with a safety part or guard missing because of the risk of injury.

Browse the inventory of used tools at Town Pawn. Our sales team will answer questions to help you find the item you need.